Configurable Issue Status

Customers can now configure status on a per-issue basis! Simply browse to an issue and configure the status in the "Action Center"

User-Generated API Keys

Customers (and Trial Users) can now generate API Keys in their profile!

Improved Vulnerability Inference (Backporting)

Vulnerability inference now supports backporting detection in Ident, as detailed here:

Team Roles (Owner / Member)

Users are now given roles (member, or owner) on a team, and this affects their ability to create, delete and restore collections

Improved Collection Run Tracking

The system now tracks more metadata around collection runs:

Bulk Upload of Collection Seeds

Users now have the ability to bulk upload a set of collection seeds when creating a new collection!

Ability to configure User-specific Notifications

User are now able to configure optional user-specific notification when new results are available within their profile.

Filterable Issue View

Users are now able to filter issues based on key criteria in the index view!

Welcome to the Changelog!

Welcome to our Changelog!