Email Alerting offers email-based alerting to ensure you can easily monitor changes in your collections, and quickly investigate new assets and exposures.

User-Specific Email Alerting

To configure email alerting for a given user, simply browse to your account via your Profile Icon on the right hand corner and click on Account. Then click on Notifications.

You can toggle on and off specific types of email notifications here.

This is the preferred way to configure email alerting for a user. If you are trying to send alerts to a shared inbox or workflow, please see "Collection-Specific Alerting" below.

Collection-Specific Email Alerting

In some scenarios, it is helpful to have the ability to send an email alert to a shared inbox or to input it into a workflow for teams. For this scenario, you may configure an email address on the collection itself. To do so, simply browse to the desired collection's configuration, hit the Notifications tab, and enter the email address you'd like to be notified.

Multiple email addresses can be specified with a comma-delimited list.

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